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Organization introduction

Shanghai Food Drug Packaging Material unitof Control Center is one of technical supporting Shanghai Food Drug Administration. 
We are special engaged in tests of food drug packaging material environment tests of cleanrooms of food drug manufactures.
Department: Administration Dept., QC, Analysis Dept., Environment Validation Dept.
Main function
The institute undertakes the supervising selective tests of food drug packaging materials, the legal tests of packaging material products cleanroom(area) from Shanghai Food Drug Administration; we also undertake the tests of pharmaceutical packaging materials for their products’ registrations.
The institute undertakes all kinds of entrusted tests.
Service feature
The institute was awarded Certificates of the National Measurement, the China National Accreditation of Laboratory.
The testing ability authorized cover: food drug packaging material (plastic, metal, rubber glass etc.) test cleanroom (area) tests. 
In 2002 the institute was awarded the certificate of Germany TUV Accreditation of ISO9001:2000 ISO 13488. In 2004 it was awarded the certificate of Germany TUV Accreditation of ISO13485:2003.
The institute has kinds of equipment for packaging material environmental tests, a large part of which are imported large middle size apparatus advanced in the world.
Inder to control the quality of pharmaceutical packaging material to ensure the safety of medicine, we take lead to advance the bio-property test of pharmaceutical packaging material. After pharmaceutical packaging materials have been included into the “law of drug administration”, the institute has participated in the drafting checking of national pharmaceutical packaging material standards, the compiling of “pharmaceutical package practical manual”. We also participated in the draft work of “Guidelines of evaluating compatibility between pharmaceutical packaging pharmaceuticals”, thoroughly developed the test.
The institute pays attention to advance employees’ skills, strengthens the exchange with other domestic foreign test institutes, continually developing our capabilities supplying top-grade tests services for clients.

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